Hunts Include

Please refer to specific species or locations for detailed hunt information, but in general, all hunts include meals, lodging, and guide services. If you are successful, your guide will field dress, and cape your harvest and provide transportation back to hunting headquarters.

Hunts Do Not Include

Our hunts do not include personal items, weapons, meat processing or shipping. We will cape your animal but we do not provide shipping or other travel of your trophy to taxidermists.

Payment Terms

Hunts will not be held without deposit, including private landowner tags. Fifty percent (50%) is due upon successfully drawing a tag. TG’s Trophy Hunts will notify you of your draw results and final payment will be due 30 days prior to the hunt start date unless other arrangements have been made. Make checks payable to TG’s Trophy Hunts. If you default on any payment due under the terms of our signed agreement, your hunt will be cancelled. State license fees will not be refunded, and any payments already made will be forfeited.

Private land hunts require fifty percent (50%) to hold the tag. Balance due is required 30 days prior to the hunt start date unless other arrangements have been made.

Cancellation by Hunter

If you cancel your hunt and we have adequate time, as determined by TG’s Trophy Hunts, to resell the hunt, we will refund your deposit, less our processing fees and incurred expenses. Under certain circumstances, and by agreement by both parties, the deposit can be transferred from one party to another or to a future hunt or service.

Cancellation by TG’s Trophy Hunts

If we are unable to provide outfitting services due to unforeseen circumstances, as determined by TG’s Trophy Hunts, we will attempt to make other arrangements that are acceptable to the hunter. If an agreement cannot be reached, the hunt will be cancelled and payment to TG’s Trophy Hunts will be refunded. TG’s Trophy Hunts will not be responsible for reimbursement of license fees paid to the State of New Mexico or any other expenses related to the hunt.

Animal Wounding Policy

If you wound an animal, your hunt will be suspended to locate the wounded animal. If the wounded animal has not been recovered within 24 hours, your hunt will resume, and you can then shoot another animal. If you wound a second animal, your hunt will be suspended for 24 hours to locate the animal. If the animal cannot be located, you have the option to continue your hunt for an additional fee of $1500.

Physical Conditioning

TG’s Trophy Hunts frequently take place in rugged terrain or in inclement weather conditions. Travel is typically either by foot or vehicle. You must acknowledge that a certain level of physical fitness is required to perform these hunts. It is your responsibility as the hunter to be physically ready for the activity involved. Your level of fitness can and will affect hunt conditions and quality.

Alcohol Consumption

TG’s Trophy Hunts will not provide any alcoholic beverages in the field or at camp. Alcohol consumption is prohibited while in the field, and no excessive alcohol shall be consumed at camp.


Weather during our hunts varies a lot by location and time of year. Once you have a specific hunt and dates in mind, we suggest you look up historical weather data for that area, and plan accordingly. Under the most extreme of conditions, it can be below freezing in the morning and in the high 80’s or 90’s during the day, so dressing in layers and carrying a pack that allows you to dress up or down accordingly is your best plan.

For a complete list of terms & conditions that are required to be signed in order to hunt with us, please see our hunting agreement contract.