Full Guided Oryx Hunts in New Mexico

Oryx in New Mexico? Aren’t they only in Africa? It must be a high fence hunt, right? No!! Oryx are one of New Mexico’s best kept secrets and most prized big game trophies! These beautiful animals are abundant, completely free range, and tags are generally easier to draw than trophy elk or mule deer. Oryx were first imported into New Mexico with the idea of keeping them on military bases (military ranges). There are 3 military ranges that became their homes; Rhodes Canyon, Stallion, and McGregor. The oryx have thrived so well that they’ve expanded their populations well beyond these military bases. The state of New Mexico now offers what are called on-range (on the military base) and off-range hunts.

Our oryx hunts are an “any weapon” hunt, typically our hunters use a rifle or muzzleloader. These are draw only hunts, so you must apply through the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Contract with us to use our outfitter number and improve your odds of drawing!

Oryx season is open ten months out of the year. May and June are the only months without an open oryx season. August is usually the best month to hunt oryx in New Mexico, but the weather can be really hot!

On Range Oryx Hunts in New Mexico

Oryx hunts on a military base in New Mexico are typically a harder draw than the off-range hunts. For two out of the three bases that host these hunts, drawing a tag is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (OIL). Rhodes Canyon and Stallion are OIL (once-in-lifetime) hunts. McGregor range hunts are not once-in-a-lifetime for oryx. Oryx season for on-range hunts runs primarily September through January. These are typically 2 day hunts, sometimes 3 days. Because you’ll be on a military base, you must go through an orientation and background check.

Off Range Oryx Hunts in New Mexico

Off range oryx hunts are 2 day hunts that run almost year-round! Off range simply means any area in New Mexico not including the above mentioned military bases. They are a great “off-season” adventure! October, December, and January are usually good, but really just about any month is going to be successful because of our skilled guides, so figure out a time that works well with your schedule and let’s go oryx hunting!

Africa Oryx Hunts and Texas Oryx Hunts

Haven’t drawn a tag for a New Mexico oryx but still want to hunt oryx? Our ranch in south Texas has oryx! Or, you could book one of our hunts in Africa with us where you could hunt oryx and many other game animals.