Ibex, more specifically, the bezoar ibex, inhabit the Florida Mountains of southwest New Mexico. These free ranging, magnificent creatures are a true test of physical conditioning and mental fortitude! The Florida Mountains are treacherous, steep bluffs and canyons. These ibex only survive by thriving in “hard to reach” places, so that’s where we must go to hunt them. To hunt ibex in this rough terrain, you must be in the utmost shape!

Deming, New Mexico is close to where we hunt ibex so we stay in a motel in Deming during this hunt.

Archery Ibex Hunts in New Mexico

Harvesting an ibex with a bow is the test of all tests for a seasoned bowhunter. Don’t even think about doing this hunt if you’re new to bowhunting. Shots are long, at steep angles, and these ibex don’t stop moving for long if they’re on their feet. They are some of the cagiest creatures I’ve seen! Live your life looking over your shoulder for an approaching mountain lion like these guys do and you’ll know why they’re tough to get close on! A true adventure of a lifetime and accomplishment like no other for the archer.

Archery ibex season in New Mexico runs in October, then there is another one in January. Our archery ibex hunts are 7 days.

Muzzleloader Ibex Hunts New Mexico

We offer muzzleloader hunts for ibex as well. These are also 7 day hunts and are held in October.

Rifle Ibex Hunts in New Mexico

Rifle ibex tags in New Mexico are a once-in-a-lifetime (OIL) thing. It’s a premium tag, and when you draw it, success rates are high if you’re physically prepared. Our rifle hunts are 7 day hunts in November. There is also a nanny and immature (billie 15″ or smaller) hunt held in February.

Youth Ibex Hunts New Mexico

Youth hunts for ibex in New Mexico are held in December and January. The youth draw provides good odds of success and is sure to provide an amazing parent-child adventure!

Let’s go hunt ibex together! Contact us today for more information or to book your hunt!