In Texas, we have 2 main offerings;

  1. Aoudad hunts on a private ranch in the Midland area
  2. Exotics hunts on leased ranches in south Texas

Texas Aoudad Hunts

Our aoudad hunts in Texas take place on a private, 35,000 acre ranch a couple hours drive from Midland, Texas. Our hunters typically fly into Midland, Texas, and get a rental care. They stay the night in a motel in Midland, then drive to the ranch the next morning. You’ll arrive mid-day, get adjusted and settle in, then hunt the evening. Then you hunt the next 3 full days. On the last day, you’ll hunt for a half day, then pack up and leave. This makes for a comfortable itinerary where you’re not tired out or rushed from late or early arrivals.

You’ll stay in a first-class, 5-star lodge that is 2 stories with 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms! We have a lot of flexibility on dates for these hunts. We require a minimum group size of 2, and we can accommodate up to 6 hunters max. You pick any 4 consecutive days for your hunt, and we’ll drive over from New Mexico and guide you during your stay.

This is a rifle hunt, but we would consider guiding archers that are up for a challenge. The ranch has several ponds and “drinkers” (watering stations), so there’s opportunity for ground-blind setups. We don’t shoot rams less than 30″ on this Texas aoudad (barbary sheep) hunt. Most of our hunters kill 30-33.5″ rams. Exceptional rams are 35″ (the world record is 39″). Hunting method usually consists of driving around in a UTV (side-by-side) where stop to glass. Once we spot an animal worth pursuing, we’ll stalk on foot from there.

South Texas Exotics Hunts

In south Texas, we have several ranches leased that provide an array of exotic plains game species. This is little Africa! Here you can hunt any of the following:

  • Axis deer
  • Black buck
  • Fallow deer
  • Oryx and Scimitar-Horned Oryx
  • Impala
  • Mouflon sheep
  • Nilgai (blue bull) – Most Popular!!
  • Water buck
  • Blesbuck
  • Wildebeest
  • Zebra
  • Red stag
  • Kudu

South Texas Hunting Methods

Hunting methods  consist of driving around in a side by side or high-racked vehicle. Terrain is thick and can be hard to hunt, but success rates are high. Once we spot an animal worth pursuing, we’ll stalk on foot as needed from there.

Lodging on South Texas Hunts

Lodging during our south Texas hunts varies by which species you’re hunting, so contact us and let’s talk about what you’re interested in!

How do I get a hunting license for exotics in Texas?

A non-resident is only required to purchase a $48, 5-day, exotics license. These are readily available over the counter at any place that sells hunting licenses in Texas. Or, you can purchase a texas hunting license online.

Our exotics hunts in Texas are a great time! Contact us today to schedule a hunt with us!